Tips for visiting the DUBAI Gold Souk In Deira

Tips for visiting the DUBAI Gold Souk In Deira

Tips for visiting the DUBAI Gold Souk In Deira

A well-known tourist spot in Dubai is Gold souk in Deira, it is known due to the business center of the gold and other jewelry. It is the most visited place in Dubai due to the tourist attraction. It brings the people here to trade in gold that is one of Dubai’s recognition. Many people visit there every day, some for the trade and other for window shopping or chill outside the palace.
It is located at the center of the Deira, near the AI Ras Metro Station (green line). You can go to it by getting guidelines from your hostel host, or you can access its address by tapping the google maps from your smartphone. Timing for the Dubai gold soak is 10 am to 10 pm on regular days, and on Friday, it is from 4 pm to 10 pm.

What did you have to know before buying Gold there?

The Gold is trading in Dubai at least prices from all over the world as she did not punch any taxes on Gold, you can say its tax-free. I am giving you some tips for purchasing the Gold from the Deira market. These are the following.

1.Oscillations in the Gold Price

Anybody who wants to purchase gold first has an idea of gold prices and variations in its price. Whether the gold price is increasing to it is devaluating. As you may observe in the stock market, prices vary every time; similarly, it happens in the case of gold.

Many of the hotels presented the price lists of gold at the main entrance, so you should look at it to make an idea about the prices.

2.Gold quality

The other thing to consider is the quality of gold that of how much karat you need. The pure gold has 24 karats. Prices increases as you go to the genuine side of gold to be purchased. Higher the karat higher will be the price. The gold is available in 22 Karat and also in 18 Karat. The mixing of some other metals with gold changes its color. This color is dependent on the metal that is mixed with it. 

3. Authenticity of Gold

Many buyers are worried about the authenticity of the gold that is that real or fake. But remember that the government has the proper rules and regulations for the market that the pure original gold is available in the market. It looks pretty tricky for the people to sold fake gold. So it is advised that you should purchase it from the authorized sellers, which make on a compromise on the Authenticity of the gold.

4. Visit the market

It is your right to visit the market and check the rate for the gold. In my opinion, gold standards are the same overall market for the same karat and weight. But the difference in price is due to the designs that the craftsmen made with the gold. A more fine plan can cost you a lot then the simple one. It is experienced that up to 30% of the rate can be haggled.

5. Use cash to Bargain. 

Cash and credit cards both are acceptable to pay. Paying via cash can help you bargain with the dealer, and you can get gold at some lower rate. But if you are not comfortable with the money, then use your credit card instead.

The estimated value of the gold presented in the Deira market is about 10 tons, with the utmost 300+ retailers in the market. They are attracting the visitors, tourists, and the buyers towards it. Moreover, if you are not unusual in purchasing, you can also visit that area to click some shots.

How to go to Deira Via public transport

If you don’t have your vehicle to travel in Dubai, here is a guideline to reach Deira using public transport.

  1. Get a ride on the metro train and leave it at AI Rais metro station (green line)
  2. From here, you can reach it by merely inquiring about it by the people. It is situated within walking distance to the metro station.

Gold Souk is also near Spice souk. You can use it as an alternative mark to reach it.



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