The Best iPhone Screen Repair Options

The Best iPhone Screen Repair Options

The Best iPhone Screen Repair Options

Every time you throw your iPhone or iPod touch. The consequences of most falls are not serious, but in some cases, screens are cracked or destroyed. Some of these cracks are minor surface problems that do not interfere with the use of your device. Others are so extensive that it becomes very difficult to see the screen or use the iPhone.

Many companies offer inexpensive repairs or replacements to the iPhone screen, but be careful: if you’re not careful, you may end up voiding Apple’s warranty and losing all the support and benefits it offers.

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The cost of repairing the iPhone screen if you have a warranty

The iPhone’s standard warranty does not apply to accidental damage, which means that Apple does not offer cracked iPhone screen repairs as part of the warranty.

It is important to know that the warranty on the iPhone states that if the iPhone is repaired by anyone other than those authorized by Apple, the entire warranty is voided. Apple does not authorize almost all low-cost repair shops, so saving on them can lead to a loss of warranty.

If you need to repair or replace your screen, start checking to see if your iPhone is on warranty. If so, you can get support directly from Apple, contact the phone company from which you bought the phone, or use an authorized Apple reseller. If this is not the case, keep reading this article.

One nice bonus from apple fixing your phone is that Apple stores can replace iPhone screens without having to send your phone for repair, so you’ll return your phone in no time.

Fix the cracked iPhone screen if you have AppleCare

The situation is the same if you have an extended AppleCare warranty. Asking Apple to repair your iPhone’s screen is even more important because using an unauthorized repair shop will cancel your AppleCare’s standard warranty and warranty. If you do this, you just throw away the money you spent on it.

Unlike the standard iPhone warranty, AppleCare covers two accidental damage cases, and each repair is charged. This cost is probably more than the charge of an unauthorized repair shop, but it retains your warranty and ensures that your repairs are performed by the people best prepared for this.

Find out how much it will cost to repair your iPhone’s screen, both with and without it, on Apple’s support page on the topic.

Fix the cracked iPhone screen if you have iPhone insurance

If you have purchased an iPhone through your phone company or on your own, you should consult your insurance company to understand their screen repair policies. Most iPhone insurance covers accidental damage. Depending on your policy, you may have to pay a deductible and repair fee, but this combination may be less than a complete iPhone replacement.

However, if you have insurance for your iPhone, make sure to get all the facts and fees before using your insurance, as many people complain about a bad experience when they use insurance for this kind of repair.

We recommend that iPhone owners do not buy insurance at all. Find out why six reasons you should never buy iPhone insurance.

Repair your iPhone screen if your iPhone has no warranty

If you don’t have a warranty or insurance coverage for your phone, you have more options. In this case, a low-cost repair shop can be a good option, as it will save you money. If you don’t have a warranty or AppleCare, you may lose less by using one of these stores.

It is recommended to use a store that has experience repairing the iPhone and has a good reputation. Even if they can’t break the expired warranty, an unqualified repairman can cause additional damage to the body or internal electronics of your iPhone. This can cause even more problems and may lead to the need to buy a new phone.

Fix the cracked iPhone screen if you are eligible for an update

If you have paid for your iPhone purchase plan, have had an iPhone for more than two years, or have decided to switch to a new phone company, you can get a discount on upgrading to the new model. A cracked screen can be a great motivator for an upgrade.

If you’re doing an update, check out businesses that buy a used iPhone. They even buy with broken screens so you can turn your old phone into extra money.

How to prevent future iPhone screen damage

There is no reliable strategy for preventing damage to iPhone screens. If your phone gets enough drops and abuse, eventually, even the most secure iPhone will break. However, a few simple steps can reduce the likelihood of cracks on screens. Try using:

  • Cases: some cases offer screen protection, some don’t. Even if you don’t have a protective film in your case, the case itself will provide some security that will reduce the likelihood of screen damage. Check out our picks for the best iPhone cases.
  • Protective filmsThese thin plastic linings tend to protect the screen from scratches and dents, but they also provide additional protection against cracks. The case is a more complex solution, but Protective films are good additions.
  • AppleCare: For your next phone, consider buying AppleCare if you haven’t done so before. This slightly increases the overall cost, but it is usually worth getting two years of technical support and repair from trained professionals.

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