Holidays in the United States

Holidays in the United States

Private schools in the United States have the same holidays as in government schools. The academic session consists of 180 school days (continuing from early fall to early summer), comparatively academic session in universities and colleges comprises shorter days.

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Few districts authorize several anticipated snow days. When the number of cancelled days is more than scheduled days, the start of summer can be adjusted so that the length of the year may stay similar. Holidays are those days when there are no classes and schools are closed.

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The school holidays in the United States described below can be subjected to change. If you want to have more information regarding similar queries, contact your concerned education department. To stay updated with all information, please visit the school’s website.

United States School Calendar  (2019-2020)

Date Holiday name
Sep 10-13, 2019 First day of School
September 29-Oct 1, 2019 Rosh Hashanah Break
November 28-29, 2019 Thanksgiving break
December 20,2019-Jan 6, 2020 Christmas Break
Feb 14-24, 2020 Midwinter Break
March 7-14, 2020 Spring Break
Jan 20, 2020 Last day of School


In the United States, when a holiday falls on Saturday, it is generally perceived on preceding Friday.

When it falls on Sunday, the holiday is on the following Monday.

United States school Holidays 

Private and public schools in the United States perceive all federal and state holidays as well as holidays on ethnic and religious festivals.

Thanksgiving day 

The day is typically commemorated on the fourth Thursday of November. Following Thanksgiving Day, there is a Black Friday that is also a holiday.


In most of the schools in the US, there is a holiday on Christmas day. So, there are no classes on that day. The break continues unless January comes following new year’s eve. In case if there is Sunday on the 1st of January, the New year is commemorated on Monday.

So, classes restart from Tuesday, the 3rd of January. Christmas is celebrated with great joy, happiness, and jubilation. The occasion is celebrated with friends and family. Gifts are exchanged among friends and family members. Christmas is a festival that is celebrated as Jesus Christ was born on that day.

Fall break 

Fall is not celebrated as a holiday throughout the country. Fall break is generally one week in September or October.

Winter break

Winter is celebrated as a holiday in the winter season. It generally continues till February or March including president’s day.

Summer break 

Summer Break usually lasts from 10 to 11 weeks (May to August). The length of the summer break relies on district and state.

Religious holidays 

For religious communities, there are some sacred days. There are holidays on these special occasions. These religiously special events may include the Islamic holidays, Good Friday, and Jewish holidays.

Independence day 

Independence day is celebrated with a great spirit and joy. United States Independence day is commemorated on July 4th. So, there is a common holiday on that remarkable occasion. The day is celebrated as the United States came into being on July 4, 1776.

Labour day 

In recognition of the American labour movement, the labour day is celebrated on September 3rd of September.

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