Procedure for the renewal of the Emirates ID

Procedure for the renewal of the Emirates ID

While entering the UAE, the thing about which you should be asked is Emirates ID. It is necessary for living here which includes work, travel and any other purpose. When the renewal time of your Emirates ID will arrive companies themselves will contact you and ask for the process.

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Every person has its own choice to select the procedure of renewal . some people go to the typing centres while others try to do it by online, if you are comfortable to apply from home then you don’t have to go to any typing centre or office for this simple work.

Guideline to Renewing Emirates ID

Step 1: Arrange the Documents

Following documents are necessary for applying the renewal online

  1. Current Emirates ID card
  2. Original passport
  3. Visa page on passport (orange visa stamp)
  4. Credit card

If you have the above-mentioned documents then prepare following sets to upload

  1. Scanned copy of current Emirates ID (front & back)
  2. Scanned copy of Passport
  3. Scanned copy of Work visa Page on Passport

Also prepare a soft copy of passport size photograph if you want to change your photo on the Emirates ID. It should be latest by 3 months and have a white background.

Step 2: login  or register online

  1. First go to the Federal Authority for identity and citizenship (ICA) website and register as new user
  2. You should provide your email as it serve as your username and also phone number which is required for the verification.
  3. You will receive an email after registration about your password. Go to the “Edit profile” to change your password


Step 3: Start your application

  1. Press “Renew your ID Card ” to start renewing process of the ID.
  2. Start entering your details carefully
  3. In case of any mistake in submitting application immediately call 600530003
  4. The authorities will send your application back within 24 hours so that you can make changes.

Step 4: Submitting application

  1. After filling the form click on “Submit” button
  2. An online payment portal will be visible on the screen
  3. Pay the ID fee

Every year validity                   AED 100

Service Charges                        AED 70

When applying online you should also have to pay

Visa Fees per 2 year                 AED 200

Online service Fee                    AED 40

  1. After payment, print your application form
  2. Save a copy as well I soft form.

Step 5: Medical Clearance

Just go to the “Preventive Medical Center” for medical clearance. Also bring your emirate ID , the previous one, renewal application form and passport. you will receive your medical reports within a week by mail.

Step 6: Submit application form to EIDA Office

Please submit your application form, medical reports, two passport size photographs, copy of the passport, Emirate Id and insurance card to the nearest EIDA office.

Some of the companies provide the renewal service to their employees but this is not necessary. you can yourself apply for this but you should have proper document work.

Step 7: Collect your ID

An SMS is received when your ID is ready, and you can collect at the address you mentioned in the application form.


The details provided here are only for the information sharing purpose, for more information please visit the Federal Authority for identity and citizenship website.

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