LBC Express Branches in UAE

LBC Express Branches in UAE

LBC is considered as Philippines’ market boss in payments and money moves, reports and mail, package boxes, payload, and logistics operations. With a creating association of in excess of 6,400 regions, assistants, and experts in excess of 30 countries, LBC is centered around moving lives, organizations, and networks and passing on smiles all through the World.

LBC Express also operates in UAE, UAE is the territory of imports and exports, and many cargo organizations exist. UAELBC Express is also one of the well-reputed companies. Essentially, LBC Express has three branches in the UAE: Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Moreover, there are a few “LBC Smart Shelters” located in RTA Smart Shelters across Dubai.

These are strategically placed along with transport spots, making it simple to get to the services of what is prevalently known as the “Hari ng Padala (King of Delivery).”. Now, we will tell you more about LBC Express.

Offerings of LBC Express:

LBC Express is a famous cargo company which his claim of the king of delivery. It makes you able to send payments, pay bills, or remit money to bank accounts in the Philippines. They can likewise send bundles, all things considered, including balikbayan boxes to their families back home. Indeed, it’s an extraordinary method to send blessings and pasalubong! 

LBC is a better option for consumer services. It gives space for business services, such as general cargo, worldwide payload, shipping, mass mail, dispatch and bundle, warehousing, stock administration, cash recovery arrangements, cash payment solutions, and opposite logistics.

The organization additionally offers printing services, including book printing, post-office-based mail printing, and full shading variable printing. Thus, it’s the span of offering. It is extensive.

Here is the Address of LBC Branches in the UAE

In the following section, we mentioned LBC Express branches in the UAE, including their addresses and timings. Concerning phone numbers, the accompanying LBC hotlines apply to all branches, paying little mind to the area: 800 522 000, 800 522 111, and 1 800 10 858 599. 

A-LBC Express Dubai Branch 

Address: Shop No. 4, Mubarak Khalifa, Building No. 75, 10D St., Al Karama (opposite Al Attar Center), Dubai, and UAE 

Timings: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm daily

B-LBC Express Abu Dhabi Branch 

Address: Building Sultan Al Suwaidi, Shop No. 3, Hamdan St., Tourist Club East (E13) Basin (C59), Abu Dhabi, UAE 

Timings: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm daily

C-LBC Express Sharjah Branch 

Address: Al Shamsi Building 2, Shop No. 1 (Ground Floor), Al Majaz, Sharjah, UAE 

Timings: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm daily

LBC Smart Shelters in Dubai 

The main branches of LBC Express are limited and not sufficient to fulfill the needs of customers. To tackle this concern, LBC opens smart LBC branches to make it possible for every customer to find LBC in this nearby location. Through these shelters, clients can send bundles, take care of bills, purchase balikbayan boxes, and benefit from different administrations without going to the fundamental branches. 

Following are the smart shelter of the LBC in Dubai

LBC Smart Shelter Al Rigga 

Area: Al Ghurair Center, before Jollibee and Papa John’s 

LBC Smart Shelter Dnata 

Area: Maktoum Road, Opposite side of Dnata office, Near Deira Clock Tower 

LBC Smart Shelter Mankhool 

Area: Opposite Al Hana Center, before Carrefour and Chowking, Satwa 

LBC Smart Shelter Oasis Center 

Area: Oasis Mall, Sheik Zayed Road, second Interchange, Al Quoz 

LBC Smart Shelter Al Satwa 

Area: Al Hudaiba St., before New West zone Supermarket, Near Yellow Cab and Almaya

Essential Factors Need to Consider While Sending a Balikbayan Box.

First of all, you need to purchase a balikbayan box from the closest LBC Express branch or call their hotline. Nonetheless, before you send a case, make sure to remember the accompanying tips: 

  1. Correct box size is the essential part of this. Ensure that you get a large enough box to accommodate your things, so you don’t “overstuff” your Box. The size of the Box would likewise decide the conveyance rate. The following are the diverse box sizes offered by LBC: 
  • The size of smaller Balikbayan Box is: 38 x 60 x 45 inches 
  • The size of mid-range Balikbayan Box is: 53 x 51 x 51 inches 
  • The size of larger size Balikbayan Box is: 53 x 51 x 76 inches 
  • The size of Anniversary Box is: 71 x 53 x 83 inches 
  • The size of Additional Large Balikbayan Box is: 71 x 53 x 91 inches 
  • After the Box, you should know to keep your stuff in proper arrangements. And pack them firmly, so things don’t keep moving around inside the case, you can place them in bubble wrap. Little things ought to be put in compartments and as an additional precaution. It would be best to wrap fluid things with tape around (for example, moisturizer, cleanser, and so forth) to hold them back from spilling. 
  • Mention your items.

When you buy a balikbayan box, you will get Packing List and Inventory Forms with the package. Remember to round these out before sending the case through an LBC branch. You can likewise contact their hotline on the off chance that you need the Box got from your home. 

  • Keep track of your package. 

When your balikbayan enclose travels, you can screen its status by entering the tracking number on the LBC site. It will tell you about your parcel.

Here are the items that are not allowed to put in the balikbayan Box:

There are particular items that the company doesn’t allow to place in the balikbayan Box.  In the following section, we have given a list of those items that you have in your mind DOs and DON”Ts.

  • Tobacco 
  • Cocktails 
  • Obscene materials 
  • Animal carcasses
  • Live creatures and insects 
  • Switchblades and flick blades 
  • Lottery tickets and betting gadgets 
  • Guns, ammo, and war materials 
  • Waste or trash for removal 
  • Dangerous waste (for example, hypodermic needles, clinical waste, and so forth) 
  • Money (bills and coins), bearer securities, stocks, cash letter, deeds, and different instruments identical to cash 
  • Risky and dangerous merchandise (for example, gas, explosives, combustible fluids, combustible solids, poisonous and irresistible substances, corrosives, radioactive material, and so on) 
  • Articles of uncommon worth (for example, archeological trinkets, artifacts, collectibles, bank cards, Visas, gem, porcelain, collectible mint pieces, hide, hide attire, diamonds, gemstones, and so forth) 

If you notice these items, you will know that countries’ guidelines prohibit these items from moving across the border without notice. It’s because of security reasons. Thus, while you are packing the balikbayan Box, make sure that it doesn’t include any item that matches the above list.

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