Is Dubai a Country or a City? Interesting Facts to Know about this Emirate

Is Dubai a Country or a City? Interesting Facts to Know about this Emirate

Dubai is a well-known territory in the World for its beautiful attractions, business hub, tallest building, and many other things. Millions of people visited Dubai every year. However, still, some people are confused by the status of Dubai. They are not clear about Dubai. Is it a country?

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It would be best if you killed your confusion that Dubai isn’t a country. It is an emirate that is a part of the country known as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to be definite. Starting in 2019, the number of inhabitants in Dubai was assessed to be around 2.8 million, including Emiratis and foreign occupants. 

If you are interested to know more about Dubai, this article will help you a lot in this concern. We will explore many facts about Dubai in this post. 

Dubai Fun Facts: 

Dubai is a well-known territory in the World, it’s being discussed almost everywhere, and almost everyone has listened to Dubai. But many people are not sure about what Dubai is? Therefore, we’ve accumulated some essential data and astounding realities about this emirate to fulfill your interest, which has caught the premium of numerous ex-pats and explorers! 

Geographical Location of Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the UAE, and it’s located on the Persian Gulf; it is lined by another emirate, Sharjah, toward the upper east; Abu Dhabi (the nation’s funding) toward the south; and Oman (another country) toward the southeast. Consistently, many travelers and guests show up at Dubai International Airport, which is probably the most active air terminal in the World. 

Historical Background of Dubai 

Abu Abdullah al-Bakri was a famous geographer, and he wrote the Book of Geography (1095), which includes the primary set up record of Dubai as a city. During the Middle Ages, it was known as the center of trade and the pearling business. In 1892, the sheiks who ruled Dubai settled on concurrence with the British, which consented to shield the city from the Ottoman Empire. 

During the 1930s, because of the worldwide Great Depression, the downfall of Dubai’s pearling industry was started; in any case, it began to flourish again after the discovery of oil. In 1971, history was made when Dubai, along with six different emirates, shaped the UAE. In only a couple of years, the population extended drastically as foreign workers came to work in the flourishing oil industry. 

Nowadays, Dubai has enhanced from oil-based ventures to turn into a trade center and travel industry. It is a famous shopping location, with more than 70 extravagant shopping malls, just as cultural attractions, with galleries and legacy destinations existing close by the present-day framework. 

Economy of Dubai 

The discovery of oil was the breakthrough for Dubai, and it was founded in Dubai in 1966, even though its stores were not as broad as Abu Dhabi’s, which has the more significant part of the UAE’s oil saves. Hence, Dubai has consistently been an important exchanging port in the area. Numerous worldwide organizations have set up their Middle East central command in the emirate. Nowadays, the Dubai economy blossoms with exchange, land, monetary services, flying, the travel industry, and other thriving businesses. 

If Dubai is an Emirate, What are the Other Emirates

As referenced before, Dubai is one of seven emirates of the UAE. Different emirates are: Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain. 

Eminently, every emirate is administered by an “emir” who holds independence over their separate locales while as yet being necessary for the Federal Supreme Council of the UAE. 

Is Dubai the Capital City/State of the UAE? 

Even though Dubai is a well-known emirate of UAE, but it’s not the capital. The capital of UAE is Abu Dhabi.

For what reason is Dubai a mainstream? 

UAE holds seven emirates, and Dubai is a mainstream emirate with being capital, it has demonstrated to be the most mainstream. This is on the grounds that it has been compelling in advancing its infrastructure and the travel industry everywhere in the World. 

The leadership of Dubai is very visionary like Sheik Mohammed container Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and leader of the Emirate of Dubai, Dubai has changed into a modern city in a brief timeframe. The heads of this emirate are planning to make a more brilliant city and build up itself as a significant key city in the worldwide field. 

Dubai earns a lot of fame in the World for its achievements in the tallest building and rises, breaking Guinness Book of World Records, and so on. As an occupant here, I saw that Dubai’s showcasing endeavors have been successful. 

How much distance between Dubai and Abu Dhabi? 

As far as land region, the UAE isn’t huge, and it is not difficult to go around the nation utilizing a private vehicle. Moreover, Abu Dhabi’s capital lies around 160 kilometers southwest of Dubai, making it conceivable to arrive at it within 1.5 to 2 hours of driving, considering the traffic factors. 

Going from Dubai to Abu Dhabi through public transport (and back once more) is likewise possible for the individuals who like to drive between the two emirates. 

What is the currency of Dubai? 

Dubai recognized UAE Dirham (with the unit of AED) as currency. As of this composition, AED 1 is equivalent to USD 0.27. Strikingly, 1 dirham is equal to 100 fils, coins that are additionally utilized in the country. 

Do I require a Visa to Go to Dubai? 

There is no fixed policy for the visitors, it depends upon the nature of your origin, your passport, and your purpose to come to Dubai. There are specific countries whose residents can acquire a 30-day visa-on-appearance, some who can get a 90-day different passage visa, etc. 

Famous Attractions in Dubai 

There’s no uncertainty that Dubai the travel industry is blasting. There are shopping centers, amusement parks, resorts, cultural destinations, sports attractions, etc. There’s continually something new and refreshing each season. Here are only a portion of the emirate’s most renowned tourist spots and attractions: 

  • Al Fahidi Historical District 
  • Aquaventure Waterpark 
  • Bluewaters Island 
  • Burj Al Arab 
  • Burj Khalifa 
  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo 
  • Dubai Creek 
  • Dubai Dolphinarium 
  • Dubai Frame 
  • Dubai Garden Glow 
  • Dubai Gold Souk 
  • Dubai Marina 
  • Dubai Miracle Garden 
  • Dubai Museum 
  • Dubai Opera 
  • Dubai Parks and Resorts 
  • Worldwide Village 
  • Great Bur Dubai Masjid 
  • Jumeirah Beach 
  • Kite Beach 
  • Laguna Waterpark 
  • Madinat Jumeirah 
  • Shopping center of the Emirates 
  • The historical center of Illusions 
  • Palm Jumeirah 
  • Ski Dubai 
  • Skydive Dubai 
  • The Dubai Fountain 
  • The Dubai Mall 
  • The Walk 
  • The World Islands 
  • Wild Wadi Waterpark 

Is it Easy to Get around Dubai? 

Indeed, it’s not difficult to move within Dubai through public transport. The emirate has a comprehensive created transportation network, and it’s because of the public authority run Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). So to move within Dubai in a private vehicle is quick and helpful; then again, there are a few public transport systems. The public transport system has numerous courses employing all through the city, and the Dubai Metro, which is made out of two lines (Red Line and Green Line) going through significant spots of the city. 

Strangely, there is likewise a water transport framework in Dubai. Cooled water transports consistently sail through a few stops along the Dubai Creek. In like manner, sightseers are urged to take the abra (a conventional boat) for a more picturesque visit through the memorable rivulet. 

Is it mandatory to Learn Arabic to Visit Dubai? 

No, it’s not mandatory to learn Arabic to go to Dubai. Indeed, Arabic is the native and official language, but English is likewise generally utilized. Guides and signage are typically written in both Arabic and English. Dubai accommodates mixed communities, and you may again hear many individuals talking in Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, Tagalog, and different dialects. 

English is widely used in Dubai, and if you have enough expertise to deal with English in speaking and writing, it will be beneficial for you. It’s consistently an intelligent thought to get familiar with certain ordinary Arabic words and expressions, particularly when welcoming your Arabic-talking companions and friends. 

Is Dubai a Muslim State? 

The UAE is an Islamic country, and everybody is relied upon to notice and regard Islamic Law. But, simultaneously, it is profoundly open-minded toward different beliefs and religions. There are places of worship/sanctuaries for Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and other faiths in Dubai, so you never need to stress over rehearsing your convictions here. 

Eminently, 2019 was announced as the Year of Tolerance. You will find that Dubai — and the UAE overall — has done many drives that energize solidarity and participation in the midst of the various culture and populace. 

Is there a Dress Code in Dubai? 

Dubai is a pure Muslim emirate, and you will see that almost every Muslim lady wears an abaya (a long robe) and a hijab (headscarf), with some, in any event, adding a niqab covers their mouth and nose. In the meantime, Muslim men ordinarily wear a kandurah (lower leg length tunic) and ghutra (crown). 

With respect to non-Muslims, there is no fixed clothing standard in Dubai, yet everybody is relied upon to dress humbly, particularly when out openly or when visiting a mosque. There is no compulsion for Muslim ladies 

to wear a hijab as Muslim ladies do, they are encouraged to abstain from wearing tenacious and uncovering garments. 

In the interim, workplaces and working environments may have their specific clothing standard for representatives, so if you’re coming to Dubai as a worker, ask the workplace for particular guidelines on the dress. 

Is Alcohol Drinking Allowed in Dubai? 

Dubai has transformed into a modern state, and it welcomes many foreign tourists. Thus, it has a flexible policy on Alcohol for non-Muslims residents, and you can drink Alcohol at lodgings that are permitted to serve Alcohol. You may likewise apply for an alcohol permit, which would permit you to purchase Alcohol from authorized retailers for utilization at home. Remember, however, that drinking and becoming inebriated in broad daylight is disapproved of and includes a heavy fine and prison term. 

Would it be a good idea for me to visit Dubai? 

If you have enough time and resources, you must visit Dubai because it’s a diversified territory where people come from all over the World. It has many attractions that you can see and can get exposure to from the diverse community of Dubai.

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