How to see Deleted WhatsApp Messages

How to see Deleted WhatsApp Messages


With the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature, you may remove all of the messages you’ve sent to other people or groups in WhatsApp.  Senders may use this functionality to delete their message from the platform once a certain period has passed. Even after the message has been deleted, this workaround allows recipients to view it. There are multiple applications available that will let you view the deleted messages from the sender.

Sending messages to the wrong person? Use the ‘Delete for Everyone’ function to undo your mistakes. It is as simple as holding down the message for a few seconds, then clicking the ‘trash’ button that displays at the top of the screen, and selecting ‘Delete for Everyone. The receiver will see the notice ‘This message was deleted’ if you do it within a certain amount of time.

The function, though, isn’t wholly failsafe. Recipients may access deleted WhatsApp messages using workarounds. iPhone users can’t access deleted WhatsApp messages right now. You can see deleted WhatsApp messages on your Android phone without having to install any third-party apps if you have an Android phone.

When sending a message, WhatsApp permits you to delete it up to 13 hours, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds after it is sent. You’ll only be able to delete messages for yourself after that; the receiver will still be able to view, copy, and forward the message.


Methods to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

When it comes to reading deleted messages, WhatsApp does not have a built-in option that enables you to do so. You’ll need to download a third-party app to keep track of all of the alerts that come in on your phone. Consider that the app should be alerted when it receives the message. If the chat is open or you were online when the message was received, this is unlikely to occur.

The Notisave UI is simple to use.

To keep track of your notification history, visit the Google Play Store and download an app. You can’t go wrong with Notisave as a choice. Most people have downloaded and given positive feedback about this program.

  • Once the app has been installed, make sure you’ve given it all the rights it needs. For example, access to view notifications, images, media, and files is required by the Notisave app to enable or disable auto-starting.
  • You’ll be able to see every notification you’ve received, including those from WhatsApp.
  • Notisave will allow you to see the WhatsApp messages even if the sender deletes them. But the essence of the conversation via WhatsApp does not change due to this modification.
  • Notisave also allows you to reply to messages without leaving the application.
  • In addition to seeing notifications that you’ve unintentionally swiped away.

Even though WhatsApp allows you to restore deleted messages, there are a few limitations. Using the accessible version of Notisave would result in you being bombarded with advertisements; the premium version begins at Rs 65 a month. In addition, the software can only retrieve text messages. There is no way to get back deleted media items, including GIFs, photos, and videos.


The best way to recover lost media files from WhatsApp

Choose the “automatically save images to gallery” checkbox from the WhatsApp settings menu. Media assets like GIFs, photos, and videos from saved contacts will be preserved locally even if they are erased from the chatbox if this feature is enabled.


Method to recover deleted WhatsApp chats without an app

It is possible to view deleted WhatsApp messages on an Android 11 handset without an app. A notification history feature integrated into the OS can maintain a record of all WhatsApp messages, even if the receiver has erased them. In addition, it’s free to use. To access deleted WhatsApp messages, you’ll need to activate notification history on your Android 11 phone.

  • Tap “Apps & Notifications” in the Settings app.
  • You may access notifications by clicking on the “Notifications” button.
  • Toggle the switch next to ‘Use notification history’ in the ‘Notifications’ section of the app.
  • Following that, all of your future alerts, including WhatsApp messages, will be shown on the page you just created.

Whenever you want to access deleted WhatsApp messages, you’ll have to go through the same process. The messages will be layered on top of each notification (anything from the last 24 hours).

There is a way to engage with the notice by pressing it, much as there is a pull-down notification shade on a cell phone. Unfortunately, the Android 11 notification history feature, like Notisave, does not allow you to restore media files from your notifications. To do so, follow the ‘how to see deleted WhatsApp media files step’ indicated above.

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