How to pay traffic police fine In Dubai online

How to pay traffic police fine In Dubai online

How to pay traffic police fine In Dubai online

If you met an accident

Violation always makes losses. Its effects differ from type to type and also from person to person. Let’s discuss the traffic rules violation in Dubai. How can it affect you? There are two possible causes, one is that you have a risk of your health, and other is losing money in paying fines. 

Somehow, if you met an accident in Dubai, then you will be charged fine. How to pay this fine online? Is a problem for many of the laymen there? I am giving here the guideline for paying the traffic fine online. The UAE government has made the process of submitting the fine easy by converting it digitally. You make an online transaction and up. You don’t have to go to the police offices or banks for this purpose. 

Remember: If you met an accident and you are at fault, then only you will be charged fine. Another party is out of this shit. 

I am sharing you my experience that once I was met an accident in Dubai. The party which was on fault admitted its mistake. The damage was a little bit, and it did not hurt physically to any person. But the vehicles damaged somehow. We call on the emergency helpline to contact police. The police reached us on the scene, and after estimating the conditions, they ordered us to head to the nearest police station. 

Guidelines for submitting traffic police fine:

When we reach the police station, they inquired us about the incident. After the briefing ended, it was ordered to make a police report of the event. Remember that police report is necessary if you want to claim the damage and get the insurance. 

I was declared the culprit and fined AED 400, against the case of “not maintaining safe distance “. I was then advised to pay the challan online. 

The steps which were involved in submitting the fine are following. 

  1. The first thing required is finding your police fine on the website. The search procedure requires some data like your police report number, vehicle plate number etc. 

It is noticed that fine uploaded on the web quite later from the day of the accident. In my case, the time period was 2 weeks. 

  1. When you get the report on the website, then verify the details mentioned on it. Now click the pay button to start the submitting procedure of your fine. 
  2. On the next screen, you will be asked about your contact number and email address. Verify these credentials. And select next. 
  3. You will receive an SMS shortly on the phone number that you have given on the previous screen. SMS contains an activation code. Enter this code in the committed field. 
  4. Now payment details will be visible to you, verify these details. The fine has an extra amount added in it, AED 20. It is for the processing of the submission of your fine. 
  5. After verification of the payment details. Select the payment method that is available in the list as per your ease. I selected the credit card for the payment. 
  6. Now enter the details of the credit card and move next. Click the pay button. Your fine is paid now. 
  7. If the transaction is successful, you will be on the congratulations screen having a message of your successful payment of your fine. In my case, an error page appears, but the fine amount was deducted from my card. So, I inquired it from the police hotline. They told me that you would receive an email if the message doesn’t appear on the screen if the transaction is successful. 
  8. Now check your mail for verifying that either transaction is successful or not. My transaction was successful, and I was relaxed after seeing this. 

To recover the damages of the vehicle, contact the insurance company and present a copy of your police report. Claim your damage and get money for repairing the vehicle. 

Additional info:

The additional information that was mentioned on the police report of Dubai for violation of traffic rules were. 

  • Fines to be presented upon payment
  • 15 days is the timeline for paying the fine after issuing of the challan. Otherwise, you have to pay an extra fine for late submission 
  • If you don’t have the license at the spot, then you have to present it at Deira or Bur Dubai traffic departments within the next 48 hours 
  • Violators have the right to object 

You can submit the fine on the website online at Inquiry and payment channels 

For inquiries and payment details you can also check the following 

  • Toll-free number 800 7777
  • Kiosk in all shopping centres 
  • Subscribe to SMS 4488
  • ATM and cash deposit machines 
  • Dail*123# on your mobile using Etisalat line


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