How to pay traffic fines online in Dubai

How to pay traffic fines online in Dubai

Drivers are fined as they break traffic rules. The rules in Dubai are strictly followed, and the person who didn’t care about these rules faced legal punishment in terms of excellent. If you are in such scenarios that you have intentionally or unintentionally broken the rule, you have to pay fine. The procedure for depositing the fine is described in this article.

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A complete guide to pay the fines of RTA is demonstrated here if you don’t have any experience of paying fine before this, then this will help you all the way to spend the fines online.

Point to ponder: it is to be noted that all the fines head to you should be paid before the renewal of your driving license. If some penalty is due to you, then you can’t renew your license.

Guideline to pay the traffic fines online:

The guideline to deposit the fine online is described in the video here. You can watch and understand the steps to pay the fine. The video is given below. 

Alternatively, a complete guide is also described here, step by step. Following these steps, you will be able to deposit the fine online easily. This will guide you to pay the fine on RTA (Road and Transport Authority) official website. There are also other channels available where you can pay the fines. So, this guideline is purely directed to pay fines via RTA. 

Complete Steps for submitting fine online

The complete procedure is described here to deposit the fine. These steps will help you if you have any difficulty in completing your task. So let’s go to the steps

Step 1:

Visit the official website of RTA When the site opens on your browser, then find you’re fine receipt by entering your vehicle detail (plate or license number). Choose the option of giving the input detail, which is easily available to you. Also, type the verification code in the dedicated box and click “search.” 

Step 2:

After completing the first step, your screen has a new page containing the fines associated with your vehicle or your driving license. Check out the details and make a plan to pay it as per your budget. You can select anyone you want to pay. After choosing the fine, you are going to pay click “continue.” 

Step 3:

At this stage, you have to enter the traffic file number and the birth year. The Traffic file number is available on your vehicle license registration card. It may yellow or red on color. After entering the required data, a new window having a confirmation message will appear on the screen. Please confirm it after verifying that the vehicle belongs to you. 

Step 4:

The summary that is visible to you on-screen should be reviewed before paying. After review, select the “E-Payment” method and then click the pay button. It is worth mentioning here that there are other charges that are attached to your fine. These are knowledge/innovation fee. It costs up to 20 dirhams per fine nowadays. Don’t be confuse these charges with an actual fine.

Step 5:

As you click the pay button, you will explore an app “Dubai pay”. This app is a smart payment gateway in which you can add your credit or debit card to make online transactions. Fill the required data in the app, personal and card information. Your card will link with the app. You can make transactions using the app while the money in your card. 

Step 6:

Now enter the payment details in the app and move forward by clicking the pay button. The bank may also verify the transaction whose card you are using for the payments. I owned a RAKBANK card, and I was dictated to verify this for bank prescriptive. 

Step 7:

You fine has been deposited. You will see a confirmation message on the next screen as you submit the query for payment. It is done at all. 

So your concern may be cleared as you go through the process of paying online fine via RTA web. If you are facing any problems or issues, then I am here to help you out of this. Don’t hesitate to make a question call in our comment section. You will, hopefully, be entertained. 

In the end, it is advised that try to follow the traffic rules, because it will save your time, money and also keep you at a distance from the risk of any accidents. 


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