How to Check Etisalat Sim Owner Name

How to Check Etisalat Sim Owner Name

Etisalat is the largest telecommunication system in the UAE. Etisalat provides the Simsto the user which have assigned a specific number. The data which is collected at the time of registration of a specific number is using personal data like name, address, nationality and other credentials.

Many of the users and some authorities try to check the owner name of a specific number. This verification of the number is required for any reason. A most common reason is if a number is constantly teasing or disturbing you, then you want to know about it.

Some people also try to check the number ownership for some espionage purposes, but it is illegal if you try for spying someone. The ownership tracing is very easy. You can check sim owners details online at Etisalat Sim, United Arab Emirates. Track Etisalat Sim number ownership.

If you are finding out a way that how to check the name of the Etisalat sim number owner with an easy simple method. Then you are already on the way to find out the solution because I am going to tell the method of checking the owner detail here in this article..

You can easily check the details by using the given method, so this means that you don’t have to go to Etisalat Centre to find the owner name, UAE ID, address, and location of UAE Etisalat number and verify the number and mobile connection owner.

One simple thing to get the name of the owner is only dialled 101 from your mobile phone, a standard fee for this process will be deducted from your account balance. After dialling this code, The name of the owner will appear on the screen of the mobile.


Complete Guide to check the owner name

The terms and conditions to check out the user namer or details are described herein detail, other restriction or procedures that are involved in checking the name are also mentioned here

  1. Just dial 101 from your phone, that’s all, you will get the owner name on the screen. You can the sufficient balance to dail this code as it has a specific fee for checking the name. it’s not free at all. if you don’t have balance in your phone then you cant access the information.
  2. You can only check active sim cards, and if the sim card is inactive then you can not check the owner detail, because the call option is not available in the inactive sim card.
  3. Etisalat has the authority to change the code of checking owner name, in that case, if the above code is not working, then you have directed to check the Etisalat website, the website has the updated code, try the new one for the same purpose.
  4. You can call anytime to the Etisalat Helpline for getting more information
  5. All the credentials are available for any number at the Etisalat head office. You can check the Etisalat Sim owner, registered address of Etisalat Number, and the location of Etisalat Number and Etisalat Sim in the UAE by calling the Etisalat helpline.
  6. All the procedure and conditions are applicable to the United Arab Emirates, including Etisalatbai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Kemah, Fujairah, Ajman and Umm Quwain.



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