How to activate Botim in DU?

How to activate Botim in DU?

Most popular application for the video calling among the people worldwide is non-other than Skype. It has interesting features and has the latest technology which makes calling more convenient and allows users to make voice and video calls between gadgets like laptops, computers, phones, and tablets.

Besides the popularity and a com[atible interface of the app there are many countries, such as  UAE, does not allow its inhabitants to use this software or app for calling. The UAE government has banned these services in its region. According to the latest declaration from Emirates Telecommunications Companies Etisalat and Du, all the calls either audio or video which do not use licensed VoIP are restricted under local UAE law.

This is the main reason for the ban on globally used open calling service like is due to the fact that it may belong to some illegal calls/activity or content that is prohibited in UAE. This leads the unlicensed VoIP service like Skype and other similar services to a ban, which offers much different chat software and applications online.

It does not matter that how much people are a user of these apps or software, but the obligation of law to retain people not to use these services. Instead, UAE has its own telecommunication services that a person can use as per his needs.

3 Basic Internet Calling Plans DU offers:

Monthly Pack for Prepaid and Postpaid

  • Monthly premium of AED 50 (+5% VAT)
  • 30 days Auto-renewal
  • Enables unlimited Audio and Video calls from your Mobile
  • SMS “ICP” to 1012 for activation

Daily Pack for Prepaid only

  • A daily charge of AED 5 (+5% VAT)
  • No auto-renewal
  • 1 GB data enables unlimited Audio and Video calls from your Mobile, just for the day
  • SMS “DICP” to 1012 for activation / Dial *135*35# for activation

Monthly Pack for Home only

  • Monthly premium of AED 100 (+5% VAT)
  • 30 days Auto-renewal
  • Enables your device and any Family member’s device connected to the DU Home Wi-Fi to make unlimited Audio and Video calls
  • Dial 04 390 5555 for activation

How to activate Botim in Du?

If you are the inhabitant of the UAE, then you know about the DU which is the prime telecommunication company, If you have a prepaid or postpaid connection of this network, you must be subscribed to Du Internet call plan to make internet video calls.

you can activate this service on your registered number by simply sending an SMS to 1355, typing “Net call” in the message. If you have multiple devices on which you are willing to use the Botim app for calling purposes, at the same time, then you should make a call to 04-3905555 or visit your nearest DU store.

What is the Botim App?

Due to the unavailability of the services like skype which do not have licensed VoIP for calling, there must be an alternative for the people by which they can make calls. Considering these consequences of the unavailability of internet calling facilities, the UAE government has approved and licensed two online chat software, including Botim and C`Me.

Unfortunately, both of these services are not free as Skype for the users, users must pay subscription charges to avail these services. But one important thing in it is,it provides many analogous features which are needed for voice and video chat with family and friends around the globe. Botim provides better calling experience as its quality is up to the mark as compared to the similar apps.

Botim has also other features except for these calling facilities, it allows its users to share photos, videos, voice messages, locations, and short messages. But as mentioned earlier you should keep in mind that this service is not free. Both Etisalat and Du have different charges for their service.

They changed the monthly fee for a single device to 50 dirhams and 100 dirhams for more than one device. if you have a family then try to get the family package rather than a single subscription, because it will be more economical for you. The ideal package to use in the UAE for Biotin is a family pack

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