10 Top Hospitals in Dubai Update 2021

10 Best Hospitals in Dubai 

According to a survey study released by Bloomberg in 2018, it was revealed that the United Emirates ranks 10th globally regarding Medical and healthcare facilities. The health care system in Dubai is remarkable. This must have been one of several reasons people from around the globe prefer to travel to the UAE for vacations, medical, or employment.

Apart from that, in another survey, the UAE was one of the topmost regions regarding the healthcare system and medical facilities. UAE has been improving its standards of healthcare and has continually raised its healthcare system to higher standards.


They are trying to let people easily access their healthcare facilities. UAE is still making remarkable efforts to make its healthcare system according to modern standards.

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Where you can find top medical facilities in Dubai

In the article, we are going to discuss the topmost hospitals in Dubai providing the best health care facilities. UAE is recognized as one of the best countries in terms of providing the best medical facilities. If you need a healthcare facility, you can avail state of the art medical facilities in Dubai.

UAE has increased its efforts for the other countries suffering from a crisis situation caused by Coronavirus Pandemic. UAE has played a great role to overcome the crisis situation faced by other countries by supplying important healthcare and medical equipment.

You can check out a list of Hospitals in UAE providing the best possible healthcare system. You can visit these hospitals whenever you need to have the best medical facility.

  • Emirates Hospital 

Emirate Hospital is one of the most renowned Hospitals in providing the best medical facilities. It is acting as a pioneer in medical, cosmetic, and rehabilitation services around the UAE.

This Hospital provides state of the art clinical solutions to patients. It helps the patients to recover and improve their quality of life. The hospital empowers the patients in maintaining an equitable and healthy lifestyle.

The Emirates hospital is blessed with the services of highly qualified and well-renowned medical practitioners. Additionally, it has state of the art machinery for diagnosis and treatment purposes.

The hospital provides treatment across many disciplines including cardiology, dermatology, nephrology, respiration, and urology. In addition, the institutes also offer remarkable diagnostic facilities. If you want to have an x-ray exam, then you must get these services from Emirates Hospital.

  • Address: Jumeirah Beach Road, Near Dubai Canal, Jumeirah 2
  • Contact information: +971800444444
  • Timings Open daily for 24 hours


  • Asters Hospitals Mankhool 

The Asters Hospitals Mankhool has been operating in Emirates since 1987. With the passing years, Asters has turned out to be one of the preeminent corporate groups in the country. The company is dealing with a variety of healthcare markets from clinics, pharmacies, and Hospitals to the modern healthcare and medical cities.

Furthermore, the hospital presents highly competent, talented, and dedicated health professionals providing medical healthcare at a reasonable price. Apart from Manhall’s renowned multi-specialization hospital, it also operates clinics, medical centres, and pharmacies in Dubai and other areas of the UAE.

  • Address: Near Sharaf DG, Mankhool, Kuwait’s road, Al-Mankhool-Dubai-United Arab Emirates
  • Contact Number: +97144400500
  • Timings: Open daily for 24 hours


  • Canadian Specialist Hospital 

The Canadian Specialist Hospital is now one of the largest private health institutes in Dubai by getting convinced through the idea of Muhammad Rashid Al-Fasai. The healthcare facility offers the best possible diagnostic, rehabilitation, and treatment services to its patients. The best part of the medical facility is that it offers a comprehensive package to the patients.

  • Address: Behind Ministry of Water and Water-Dubai-United Arabs Emirates
  • Contact Number: +97147072222
  • Timings: Opens daily 24 hours


  • Medeor 

The institute functions under the Meidi Healthcare group, which has achieved remarkable excellence in the healthcare system.

Medeor came out to be one of the best health institutes in Dubai. The hospital is blessed to have a competent and dedicated team of health professionals. The hospital is well-equipped with advanced medical facilities. The state of the art facilities ensures the safety, personalized, and timely provision of health facilities to its patients.

  • Address: Consulates area, Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road, Bur Dubai-Dubai- United Arab Emirates
  • Contact Number: +971800900600
  • Timings:  Open daily for 24 hours


  • Med Care Hospital Al Safa 

Med care Hospital Al Safa is one of the best hospitals regarding the quality of services and state of the art facilities. The hospital presents a highly qualified and competent team of health professionals. These health professionals have different specializations and expertise including cardiology, urology, and ENT.

The institute is also recognized for its unique comprehensive approach to health, providing services to various communities in Dubai including Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road and other areas.

  • Address: Near Al Safa Park, Al Hadiqa Road-Dubai-United Arab Emirates
  • Contact Number: +9718006332273
  • Timings: Open daily for 24 hours


  • Mediclinic-Al Quasis 

It is one of the internationally recognized hospitals. Is one of the largest private hospitals in Dubai. Mediclinics presents more than 22 clinics, 7 hospitals, and 35 medical centres in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain.

Mediclinic provides highly advanced and state of the art machinery incorporated by deep values of candor, promptitude, and accessibilities. It has highly competent health professionals specialized in a range of health departments including gynecology and obstetrics, dermatology, and family medicine.

Address:#4, ground flour, Dubai residential Oasis, Damascus street, Al-Qusais-Dubai-United Arab Emirates.

Contact Number: +97146028999

Timings: Opens daily for 24 hours


  • NMC Healthcare Deira 

Although there are various big hospitals in Dubai. NMC has proven itself a brand of earnest commitments to the welfare of patients.

Furthermore, the institute is blessed to have health professionals with a variety of specialization areas including otolaryngology, gynaecology, and dentistry, so you can easily access them as you need any healthcare service.

NMC has an affiliation with various major local and international insurance companies. It is the most reliable choice for people residing in DIP, AL-Nahda, and Deira. It is also one of the best hospitals in terms of cost and prices.

  • Address: Metro station- Abu Hail Rd, Hor-Al-Anz, Deira-Near Salahuddin St-Dubai-United Arab Emirates
  • Contact Number: +97142339900
  • Timings: Opens daily from 7:00am-11:00pm


  • Saudi German Hospital 

The first branch of the hospital was launched in Jeddah in 1988. Due to its strong presence in that region, the hospital was extended to other nearby locations such as UAE with various branches opened in Sharjah, Ajman, and Dubai.

Saudi German Hospital provides a variety of healthcare facilities. It presents 35 specialized centres, 24 ICUs, 11 PICU beds, 12 NICUs, 6 operating systems, and a completely equipped dialysis room. There are also deluxe suites, royal suites, and standard rooms to take care of patients’ needs and comfort.

  • Address: Hessa street West, Al Barshah 3, Exit 36 Shaikh Zayed Road, opposite of Dubai American School-Dubai-United Arab Emirates
  • Contact Number: +9718002211
  • Timings: Open daily for 24 hours


  • Thumbay Hospital

It has several branches in Fujairah, Sharjah, Ajman, and Dubai. Thumbay hospital has come out to be one of the best hospitals regarding healthcare facilities. These state of the art healthcare facilities are provided throughout the country. Apart from this, it also presents many clinics and diagnostic laboratories.

The Thumbay hospital is also highly equipped with emergency rooms. It also offers a range of other facilities including services of a dietitian, a 24/7 pharmacy, a coffee shop, a terrace restaurant, and an electronic kiosk.

  • Address: 13th Street, Near Stadium Metro Station, Behind Lulu Hypermarket, Al Qusais-Dubai-United Arab Emirates
  • Contact Number: +97146030555
  • Timings: Opens daily for 24 hours


  • Zulekha Hospital 

Zulekha Hospital is recognized as one of the most dominating maternity hospitals in Dubai. Apart from its specialization with maternity healthcare, it offers a variety of other services including vaccination, general health, and plastic surgery packages. The hospital started offering health services at 900 AED.

  • Address: Opposite Al Nahda park-204th road-Dubai-United Arab Emirates
  • Contact Number: +971600524442.
  • Timings: Opens daily for 24 hours


Dubai is blessed to have highly advanced medical and healthcare facilities in the public as well as private sectors. The government ensures the availability, affordability, and accessibility of the public to these state of the art facilities.

The locales who want to rely on the medical facilities at public hospitals, need to apply for a health card from the Department of Health and Medical Services.

Dubai Healthcare City (DHC) has also been established in Dubai. DHC is a large and elegant institute comprising medical centres and institutes including clinics, hospitals, teaching and research hospitals, pharmacies in collaboration with internationally recognized institutes including Boston University and Harvard Medical School


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