UAE Gratuity Calculator for Domestic Helpers

UAE Gratuity Calculator for Domestic Helpers


Gratuity for domestic workers UAE is officially announced by the Ministry of Human Recourses and Emiratisation. According to the Domestic Workers Law, the domestic worker has the right to paid wages, clinical assurance, 12-hour rest each day, one day of paid rest each week, 30-day clinical leave each year, a ticket to get there and back home at regular intervals, and different advantages. 

When the agreement becomes over between domestic worker and employer, he/she has the right to get the end of service or gratuity pay. As a rule, gratuity pays the package of money which a domestic worker gets paid (counting domestic worker) whose work agreement has finished. This post will talk about how gratuity pay for domestic workers in the UAE is determined. 

The Most Effective Method to Calculate Gratuity Pay for Domestic Workers 

Domestic workers offer different services related to households for individual(s), from giving cleaning and family support, cooking, clothing, pressing or caring for children’s and old wards, and other family tasks. 

Besides households, these may likewise incorporate different professions, for example, family drivers, safety guards, private medical caretakers, sitters, family ranchers, and other comparable positions. 

What does the Law say on Domestic Workers’ Gratuity Pay?

In the constitution of UAE, there is article 26 for the domestic workers, which says that gratuity pay for domestic workers is determined based on 14-day compensation for every time of services. Also, any unpaid days of absence from work will be considered for the estimation too. 

Law states that a worker must complete one year of services or more than this period to get the right of gratuity pay at the end of the agreement. “unpaid days of nonappearance from work will go into the estimation of the finish of-service compensation.” 

According to the Law, “The pay will be determined based on 14-day compensation for every year of services and gets due upon the end of the agreement,” the article proceeded. “The estimation of the wages resumes upon the renewal of the agreement.” 


Guide for Calculating Gratuity Pay of Domestic Workers 

Being a domestic helper in the UAE, you must know about your gratuity pay. If you don’t know how to calculate this, follow the below method to calculate your gratuity pay.

  • To start with, navigate to the “domestic Workers Calculator” of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).
  • It will ask you to enter your starting date and the end date of your agreement. 
  • Enter the measure of net compensation you get from your boss and the essential compensation demonstrated in the work contract you marked. 
  • Now, you have to choose one reason for leaving among these choices: (a) agreement finished; (b) resigned or dismissed on probation period; (c) worker resigned for reasons unknown; (d) worker resigned because Employer terminates the agreement; (d) worker resigned for reasons unknown, and (e) worker terminate the agreement.
  • Suppose you have any unpaid end-of-the-week remittance. In that case, yearly leave pay, injury or handicap dues, or explicit period wages (for example serving on a public occasion), you need to enter the number of days, months, or years required as a component of the calculation. 
  • A pop-up will appear with the “All out Allowances” tab. Take a screen capture or print the page for your record, to stay away from any future issues with your Employer. 


Consider the possibility in which the Domestic Worker Breaches the Contract.

According to the Law, if a domestic worker has penetrated the agreement, resigned, or didn’t finish the agreement without an explanation, he/she will not have the right of gratuity pay

Article 27 of the Domestic Workers Law expresses that the helper “will be denied end-of-service compensation if the agreement is ended because of unlawful discontinuance of work or if the worker acts to end the agreement without a legit reason.” 

Also, Article 28 expresses that if the helper has been captured, kept, or accused of a criminal offense, he/she won’t be qualified for any compensation for the term of his/her confinement. 

In the meantime, if the helper has got a new job upon the end of the agreement, the Employer isn’t committed to bear the cost of returning the worker to his/her nation of origin. 

Consider the possibility that the Employer Breaches the Contract. 

IN some cases, the Employer terminates the agreement with the worker without a legit reason. For this case, Law states that the Employer must have to give a return pass to the worker to go to his/her home country. 

Besides, the Employer will pay remuneration equivalent to the domestic worker’s one-month pay, alongside some other compensation declared by the state.

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