Dubai Returning Residents Must Use GDFRA’s Online Application System

Guide about GDFRA’s New Online Application System for Dubai Returning Residents

GDRFA stands for the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs is a governmental entity that controls the passage and exit of worldwide travelers from Dubai, just as the residency of outside nationals in the city.

Once Dubai opens the gates for travelers to move within the UAE, beside the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) makes the policy for abroad residents to book a ticket back to Dubai only if the newly established system approve the application.

As indicated by a declaration posted by Emirates through their site, the GDFRA online endorsement system will be accessible beyond the UAE boundaries.

The rule referenced that candidates can get the full procedure done alone using the official site of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA). 

Notice: GDFRA will give you an approval message just after the done, but if you didn’t receive it, it means your application isn’t approved; you should try again after a while. 

As indicated by the Emirates site (, residents should book their tickets just when their GDRFA applications have been endorsed.

In the announcement of this system, the spoke person also said that you should book your back ticket. At the same time, you get to receive a message of your approval by GDRFA, and in this process, you have to enter the Resident File Number. 

If you receive a confirmation mail of approval from GDRFA, then make a copy of this mail and keep it yourself during the traveling; you may need it.

Emirates’ Guidelines for Residents Returning to Dubai

Suppose you are looking to book your back ticket for the Emirates flight. In that case, you should know the guidelines of Emirates for returning residents.

First of all, you need to contact with customer care hotline to help with your booking and application for approval to travel. Otherwise, you can use alternative and approve your application freely through the GDFRA site. 

In this COVID-19 situation, when most countries ban the entrance, you have to fill the health declaration form and fill the quarantine form; the two forms are to be printed, finished, and given to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) staff at reception. The quarantine form will possibly produce results if the traveler needs to go through quarantine.

Remember: When you arrive in Dubai, all travelers need to take a PCR test and stay in their home until the test outcome is delivered. If your test comes out certain, you will be needed to go through quarantine for the wellbeing of your lovely ones. 

For the objective of identification proof and contact tracing, you need to download the Al Hosn application.

Sign a statement that you either have health insurance covering COVID-19 or will bear any expenses for treatment and quarantine whenever required. 

These are very flexible SOPs to move into Dubai. In COVID-19, many countries across the World banned all incoming flights and some strict policies for move in. In accordance with this, airlines, including the Emirates, are still intently observing the circumstance. Furthermore, contingent upon the emerging turns of events, services will be reestablished to full activity as it will be reported.

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