Flea market in the public parks of Dubai

Flea market in the public parks of Dubai

The flea market is one in which the old / used items trading is done. You will be surprised as you this flea market in Dubai. They are established in the public parks. If you go to your nearest park, you may see a flea market here. The Annual Dubai Flea Market is also established here in Dubai, in public parks.

The items which are trade here are used or old, but of worth, that’s why people are here to get these items. The items may include DVD’s, Books, Toys, Clothes, Accessories, antiques, furniture, and other electronic and household appliances. You are eligible to find almost everything here.

Trading the used items

This idea was first inaugurated in April 2008 here in Dubai by a group of young entrepreneurs as “Flea Market cult. The group developed, and now it is well known by “Green spot Entertainment.” They have a more excellent plan to move this idea of a flea market on a larger scale in that community.

As per the group’s webpage, their title “green spot entertainment ” has there big concepts. The “green” in their name refers to sustainability and selling unwanted items. The next term, “ Green spot” points towards that these markets are holding in the green environment. And the last thing that is “Entertainment’, is the entertainment for the people as they come in the park with their family, siblings, or parents and enjoy themselves in a natural way with fresh air, and pleasant looking greenery all around.

Flee Market location and timing   

  Sr no





Zabeel park

Ist Saturday of each month

(8 am to 3 pm )



Al Satwa park

2nd Thursday of each month

(7 pm to 11 pm)



Al Nahda Pond Park

2nd Friday of each month

(1 pm to 6 pm)



JLT park

3rd Friday of each month

(1pm to 5pm )



Motor city

3rd Saturday of each month

(1pm to 5pm )



Al Barsha Park

4th Friday of each month

(1 pm to 6 pm)



Oasis Silicon

4th Saturday of each month

(1pm to 5pm )

The people who wanted to purchase a stall to sell something should have contact on +971 55 886 8939, the organizer to the flea market. Commercial goods are not allowed to sell from this platform. Only the used items or handicrafts have the eligibility to be sold here. 

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