Easy Way to Pay your Traffic Fines Online-Dubai

Easy Way to Pay your Traffic Fines Online-Dubai

In the modern era, where everything will be digital, people don’t want to suffer in line and wait their turn. If you resident of Dubai, then you can avoid this suffering by paying your fines online. In this article, in this post, we will tell you about how you can pay fines online through the official website of RTA. For this purpose, we have made a step-by-step guide. It’s a very easy method, and I practice this way.

Method to pay Dubai traffic fines online RTA

Now, it becomes very easy to pay fines because there are multiple options available for you. With these options, you can pay fines without too much suffering, such as through kiosks, banks, etc. 

Here is Step by Step Method to Paying your RTA Dubai Traffic Fines Online

The RTA website has a user-friendly interface, but you want some more explanation that we have given proper procedure for this purpose.

  1. To start with, navigate to this website: https://traffic.rta.ae and look for your Fines by entering your vehicle subtleties (plate number, license number, and so on). For our situation, we picked choice one as it was a lot simpler for us. Type the verification code and snap “Search”
  2. A page will appear on your display with your list of Fines related to your vehicle. You can choose to pay every one of your fines or pick the ones you need to pay first (contingent upon your financial plan). Snap “Proceed”
  3. It will require your Traffic File Number and Birth year, and you need to enter them. There will be a spring-up window that will expect you to confirm that you are the proprietor of the vehicle you’re going to pay. You can get your Traffic File Number from your vehicle license registration card (the yellow or gold card) below the ‘T.C. number.’ Snap the “confirm” option.
  4. At this place, you can review the outline of your Fees to pay. Snap the “E-Payment” way to pay on the web and afterward click the “Pay” button. If it’s not too much trouble, be prompted to charge extra charges on top of the genuine Fines. These are ordered under “Information/Innovation expense,” which is 20 Dirhams for every Fine.
  5. Here, you need to choose your payment method, contact data, and snap the “Pay” button. After this, you will land on the Smart payment entryway by the Smart Dubai application “Dubai Pay” s you can enter your card/debit card data.
  6. Here, it requires to put cad subtleties and afterward click the “Pay” button.
  7. Contingent upon your picked payment method, your bank may expect you to confirm your exchange. For our situation, I utilized my RAKBANK card for the payment. It guided me to a page where a secret code word is shipped off me through my mobile number to enter the secret key to confirm the exchange.

All done, your payment for traffic fines has been submitted. Another page will appear affirming the fruitful cycle of the payment. Kindly keep the request reference number as confirmation that you have effectively exchanged the payment. This will likewise be utilized if you have any issues later on. 

Final Words:

This was the simple procedure to pay traffic fines online to RTA. I hope you will go through this process successfully. Traffic fines are a form of punishment and penalties that don’t follow the rules and regulations, and the results of this negligence may lead to severe consequences. So, keep the lesson from fines and be a responsible citizen.

Note: I will recommend you settle your fines before you renew your car license registration. Pay them in a reasonable period because the administration authority offers discounts early, and I think it can be an opportunity to save your money.


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