Dubai Scholars Private School 2021

Dubai Scholars Private School

Dubai Scholars Private School has been one of the esteemed educational institutes in the Emirates. Apart from that, it is also one of the oldest schools in the UAE. Dubai Scholars Private School is producing a lot of proud students who are contributing to making the institute more prestigious and honoured.

The students of the educational institute are found studying in highly reputable and internationally well-recognized institutes such as Cambridge, Georgetown, University of Pennsylvania, and many other reputed schools. Dubai scholar is located in Al-Ghasais. It is a British curriculum school providing education up to O and A level programs.

As you enter the high reputed school, you will monitor a highly passionate, determined, and ambitious community of students, their parents, and teachers who are well aware of their role to develop the society by character building and giving strength to their educational system.

School’s Vision:

The school aims to give their students a self-confidence so that they believe in themselves. The school emphasizes letting the student decide their future so that students may have a direction to achieve their goals. The school intends to make education student-centred rather than teacher-centred.

The objective of the school is to get the students prepared for the future challenges that they may face in hastily evolving society. We train the students to let them know how they can tackle the future challenges by improving communication and interpersonal skills.

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The goal of the educational institute is to make students more positive, optimistic, and confident to achieve their future objectives. The institute is also intending to develop moral values and thoughtfulness in its students. The students are also learned to stay humble and modest under every circumstance.

What is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Early Years Foundation Stage is a starting point for fundamental schooling at Dubai Scholars Private School. The EYFS sets the criteria that encourage learning to let the student get ready for school. This program provides children with a wide variety of knowledge and capability to present the right groundwork for their future.

The primary school at Dubai Private School

The primary school in the institute is intended to augment inventive, assorted, and imaginative for children contained by a healthy educational atmosphere. Extraordinary learning opportunities are beached in our deliverance of the National Curriculum of England and Wales (An International British Curriculum).

Lessons centralizing student’s education targets are identified through the curriculum. Students are evaluated and accessed through both summative and formative methods that allow teachers to educate the entirety of a student’s range of talents, tendencies, and inquisitiveness.

Summary of KHDA inspection

DSIB is inspecting the Dubai Private School from 7th to 10th November 2016. The quality of education provided in the educational institute is excellent. The inspection findings for every six key performance indicators are described below.

At the foundation stage, the acquirement of Mathematics, English, and Science is admissible. The rate of progress in the subjects of Science and English is fine and is satisfactory in Mathematics. Accomplishment and rate of progress in the primary section are better as compared to other subjects.

Whereas at the secondary stage, progress and accomplishment are remarkable in English and are excellent in Science and Mathematics. Apart from that, they are fine at Islamic education and satisfactory in Arabic being a subsidiary language. The learning abilities of students are fine at the foundation stage (FS), whereas are excellent at post-16, at the primary and secondary level.

Students learning in the school exhibit strong moral behaviour. They show a positive attitude towards their studies and possess strong interpersonal skills. Students in FS are very well aware of Islamic moral values and UAE and world cultures.

At the foundation and primary stage, students are found responsible and interactive. They are well aware of their responsibilities. They have remarkable learning skills in secondary post-16 phases. The school’s learning strategies help students improve their enduring learning capabilities.

Teaching in School

Teaching in the school is overall good. Teachers plan their lessons based on assessment and evaluation so that they can measure children’s overall development and progress in a particular subject. However, a teacher’s ability to differentiate keeps varying, so it becomes difficult to meet the student’s requirements.

How is the curriculum?

Overall the curriculum is good. A review takes place every year that assures that every student’s development and progress is going in the right direction. Students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities to let them have a healthy brain. Students are also expected to perform and enhance their learning skills through their participation in creative activities.

The school is also well equipped regarding safety and health arrangements. The staff makes sure the presence of a healthy and safe environment.

The staff is confident, professionally well equipped, and with high moral. The principal is playing a role to enhance and improve the learning skills among students. Every member of the institute is striving hard to let the school flourish.

What are their strengths?

  1. One of the best steps taken by the school to improve the quality of education and learning skills of students and assessment at FS and incessant high-quality teaching at Post 16 in the subjects of mathematics and science.
  2. The ability of students to apply their literacy skills in the English curriculum and other subjects as well.
  3. Students are provided with personal and social skills. They are allowed to perform arts that help them improve their creative skills.
  4. The school’s vision to develop tolerance, integrity, socio-moral values, and thoughtfulness. Apart from providing them with formal education, students are trained to understand their responsibilities. The school aims to instil tolerance as a base for their academic achievement.
Leadership: Frank Scarcelli (Principal)
Gender: Mixed
Curriculum: British, IGCSE
Number of Staff: 110
Grades or Year groups: FS1 to Year 13
Annual fees: AED 14, 638- 29,500
Number of Students: 1615
Rating: Good (KHDA)
Tel: +97142988892


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