Dubai free jobs vaccines

Dubai free jobs vaccines

Because of the high standard ” employer of choice” in UAE, Dubai’s duty now employing free 6000 staff from 25 different countries.

By working in this company you own the services of free transportation within Dubai, health insurance, and annual tickets with a good packet of salary and many more.

This company gives promotions from within often. Recently DDF needs

Recently, DDF wants sale assistance and Warehouse. assistant. Please carefully read the instruction

Dubai Duty-Free Job Opportunities 2020

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Job title: Sales Assistance

Job characteristic :

Welcome and assist customers entering the Dubai duty-free shop

Sells product in the Dubai Duty-free shops

Process payment transaction, quality to operate the Electronic cash register

Job titles: Warehouse assistant

Job characteristics:

Store records of products received and delivered to other areas.

Coordinate with different departments concerning stock availability and demand

Ability to drive a forklift

Ability to operate store management system as WMS, MHCS.

Dubai Duty-free history

Dubai Duty-Free DDF is a business doing duty-free works at Al Maktoum international airport and Dubai International Airport.

The company founded in 1983 and it recorded a US$20 million sale meanwhile in its first year of operation.

DDF developing until it reached US$2.029 billion in 2019.

The president of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, is the same leader who acts as a Dubai Duty-Free,s Chairman. Colm McLoughlin, meanwhile, is the Executive vice chairman and CEO DDF is under the government,s investment Corporation of Dubai.

The history of DDF started when the working company behind the world,s first duty-free in Shannon airport, Aer Rianta, was called to give for the work and management of a Duty-free Branch at Dubai International Airport. The airport has different retail concessionaires already, most of them are managed by business owners from Dubai. The proposal for DDF to establish a branch at the airport has been accepted with the condition to make it double the size of what was given and open it in 6 months.

The plan was to serve a maximum of 3 million travelers every year but for the transfer of active authorization to be successful, there was a negotiation wherein DDF bring Aer Rianta,s stocks.

Its opening was great on Dec 20, 1983


DDF opened in 1983

DDF has more than 6100 workers from 47 nationalities.

25 of its 100 original workers since 1983 are still with the company.

2025, the company wants more than US$3 million in sales and 9000 to 10000 in the workforce.

DDF has won over 700 awards worldwide.

The company offers high-quality products and has the best customer services

It has a product for beauty, fashion,  food, jewelry, technology, toys, and watches.

List of the department under DDF

Makeup and all accessories

Perfumes of all best brands.

Skincare accessories

Fashion with accessories, bags, clothing, shoes, small leather goods, sunglasses, food, chocolates, costume.

Technology, audio, computer and tablets, gaming accessories, health and personal care, mobile phones, video, wearables,

Toy, action figures,




Soft toy



What it meant to work in DDF.

There are some feedback and review  by worker

  1. Sales assistant

I am an enthusiastic, ambitious, executive, responsible, customer, oriented retail professional with over 5 years of experience in customer service. I have worked in different industries and interacted with multi-cultural clients, providing them with a super experience.

  1. Sale assistance

I worked for DDF for more than 15 years and I only left my job because I have to relocate otherwise I would not have left the company.

How to apply for the job in DDF in the UAE:

To work in DDF just go to its official website  which is (

And browse its available position. You may find different positions there but the most common are sales assistance

You can apply with LinkedIn also.


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