Baqer Mohebi: Superstore to Buy Cheap Chocolates in Dubai

Baqer Mohebi: Superstore to Buy Cheap Chocolates in Dubai

Chocolates are the most widely recognized home presents for friends and family members, so it is savvy to stock up because purchasing in mass can be costly. Most people want to buy chocolates at fair prices; we will tell you where you can buy chocolates at heap cost. In Baqer Mohebi, you can buy chocolates for half even just even only a fourth of their usual price in different stores.

For the first time, when I visited this place, it was a chocolate shop in my mind. But, at first glance, it would seem that your regular supermarket keeps on walking in a couple of more steps and you will discover their part of the super sale. Its supermarket store managed it in department style, which means the exact nature of the product sits in one section. As your concern is chocolates at a fair price, you will find this section near the counter section.  You can get these chocolates at much-discounted rates Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher, Hershey’s, etc. If you have a handsome budget and want to grab something high-quality chocolates, you can get them from here. 

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket in Bur Dubai. At this store, many Filipinos purchase chocolates at modest costs to send back home to the Philippines.  At whatever point I find out about Pinoys returning home, this shop is constantly referenced due to the reasonable prices of chocolates. Some of the time, huge limits are offered when you purchase in mass. Balikbayans to the Philippines carry sacks of threats to their families and companions. 

Note: If you are looking to buy chocolates or another food item just because of discounts, you need to check the EXPIRATION DATE to ensure that you can consume them on the expiry date. Mainly superstores offer discounts due to these reasons.

Discounted Chocolates in Baqer Mohebi Supermarket 

Sometimes, you visited there at a fortunate time, and you may track down some great deals. It likewise relies upon the expiration date of the stocks. Yet, most chocolates don’t expire until sometime shortly. Significant discounts will be placed on products that are close to the expiration date, but if you have a month to go home back, then you can grab them.

1 Dirham for each Item Section 

They likewise have an extraordinary segment where you will get close expiration products that have cost just 1 Dirham. Contingent upon the stock, you may buy chips, treats, kinds of ketchup, cleansers, toothbrush, caps, confections, and so on for just 1 Dirham. Usually, I visited this place to check either some product available on the significant discount that has my preference.

You can visit this place at any time, there is no restrictive working, and you will find this store always open whenever you go.

Recommendation: I will advise you not to go during the end of the week when the remainder of the Dubai people group is purchasing goods. You may hang tight for some time in the line.

Step by step guide to Get There: 

  1. These are some easy directions to arrive at this grocery store. 
  2. To start with, you need to take Exit 2 when you exit Al Fahidi Metro station. 
  3. Keep on moving before you until you see the crossing between Al Khaleej Center and Choithrams Supermarket. That is the road between that is Rolla road. 
  4. Stroll around 5 minutes in Rolla road until you see the Mosque. 
  5. Across the Mosque, you will get the Al Baqer Mohebi Supermarket.


  • Store: Al Baqer Mohebi 
  • Area: Rolla Street 
  • Closest Metro Station: Al Fahidi Metro Station – Green Line


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