How To Unsubscribe/Deactivate Botim in DU

Deactivate Botim In DU

The internet calling pack provides a number of benefits, including chatting, picture/video sharing, voice note function, HD voice, and video calls.

There are several plans that include daily pack, monthly pack, postpaid, and home only package. There is a simple way to turn on or off internet or calling plans without much effort.

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If your monthly plan is getting auto renewed or you want to change the network altogether, we can provide you with information on how to get rid of Botim. If you are going to switch to a different plan, make sure to check out the internet calling plans.

Unsubscribe Prepaid and Postpaid Botim in DU

At the end of every 30 days, your plan gets renewed for a new subscription, if you opt for an auto-renewal plan. The below methods can be used to cancel the Botim in DU.

Deactivate Botim in Du Prepaid.

Prepaid Plan: 
Dial Code *135*35# Or Send SMS ‘Stop Netcall’ to 1355.

Deactivate Botim in Du Postpaid.

Du Postpaid Plan:
Send SMS ‘Stop Netcall’ to 1355.
For Fixed (Home Only)
Also, you can unsubscribe by logging in your account.

If you’re a Prepaid customer, the plan will stay active until the expiry date from the activation date (30 days). If you’re Postpaid or a Home customer, the ICP plan will deactivate instantly.

Leaving UAE: If you are leaving UAE for long time, we recommend permanently deactivating your DU sim card.

You can deactivate it for a prepaid sim by calling 155 or 800 155 from any UAE phone or +971 55 5678 155 from overseas for requesting the sim to be deactivated.

For postpaid sim, you have to visit the DU shop and place the request. Ensure to carry your original Emirates ID for verification. You have to clear your dues before placing the request.

For Business Customers: You can call 188 from any du business mobile phone, 800 188 from any UAE phone, or + 971 4 3699 188 from overseas.
If you’re not interested in your current data plan or want to leave the country, we recommend disabling your old DU plans.

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