5 Factors about Call Center Agent in UAE

5 Factors about Call Center Agent in UAE

If you have enough customer care service expertise, you can join the call as a center agent. On the other hand, if you are a UAE resident, you have many opportunities in this domain.  The purpose of this post is to make you familiar with elements that differentiate the Philippines and UAE call centers. 

By reading this post, you can clear your many doubts about the call center job; it will help you a lot. In addition, we will make you familiar with the difference between getting employed as an agent in the UAE and having an American accent, the compensation, and the number of work hours, thus substantially more. 

Difference between Working in a Call Center in UAE versus the Philippines 

If you are looking for a job as a call center agent in UAE, you should know that many factors overlap between these two domains. To begin with, in the Philippines, there are a large number of Business Process Outsourcing organizations (BPO). These are organizations from abroad (generally the USA, Canada, Australia, and so on) that outsourced their services to be overseen by representatives in the Philippines. 

But in UAE, it’s not like that; the number of BPO’s is minimal. Call center agents recruited by organizations usually are called ‘direct recruits’ as these agents will work “in-house” or by the actual organization. 

Pinay Abroad Vlogs is employed in UAE as a call center agent, and she also served the same services in the Philippines for a very long time. Therefore, she uncovers the aspects that differentiate between the Philippines and the call center in UAE. 

Pinay Abroad Vlogs focus on that data may fluctuate contingent upon the call center manager and that the data underneath is just founded on her experiences. 

Third-Party vs. Direct-Hire 

The first difference between the two domains is third-party status in the call centers.

In the Philippines, call centers operate as a third party between the organization and the customer. For her situation, the organization is Western Union and hired by a BPO organization, and not straightforwardly employed by Western Union. 

The call centers in the UAE do not operate as third parties, and they provide services directly from the organization. So, for example, she is working for an excellent quality salon, and she is directly giving customer care services of the salon to the customers. 

Neutral vs. Normal Accent 

All centers in the Philippines are biased towards American Accents or Neutral Accents; the vast majority of their customers are from the USA, Canada, and other English-talking nations. 

Call centers of UAE mostly prefer simple accents the more your customers will get you. There’s no compelling reason to follow an American pronunciation since your customers are generally local people whose primary language is Arabic 

Memorial park Hours versus Regular Hours 

In the Philippines, call center duty schedules are usually third shifts. You need to acclimate to your customers’ time regions, so some work from 2 AM or 3 AM towards the morning. 

In UAE call centers, working hours are comparable to customary available time, as from 9 AM to 6 PM; it is because the customers are local people. 


Salary is the difference in which primarily interested people are curious.

Call centers in the Philippines offer a package of 16,000 PHP in addition to incentives and commissions. 

Call centers in the UAE offer the package of starting 2,500 AED or pretty much 36,000 PHP in addition to commissions and lodging remittance. 

Call centers in UAE with native language offer a package of 4,000 AED or 63,000 PHP pretty much. It’s a fascinating offer if you know how to communicate in the country’s principal language. 

Equivalent to different positions in the UAE, the package isn’t fixed, so on the off chance that you have more insight and language abilities, you may negotiate for a more significant pay. Additionally, the salary relies upon the organization that will employ you, regardless of whether it’s an independent venture or a famous company. 

The business where you will accept calls will likewise matter and your primary job. For example, if you serve in the sales wing, you usually get paid more because ‘commissions’ contrasted with client support jobs. Specialized help jobs will likewise require more specialized information. So, the package fluctuates according to your role in the company.


Call centers of both domains give incentives that depend upon the nature of the company. For example, you may get products or services in the form of incentives that the company trades.


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