Al Baqer Mohebi: Where to buy Cheap Chocolates in Dubai

Al Baqer Mohebi: Where to buy Cheap Chocolates in Dubai

Baqer Mohebi supermarket in Bur Dubai is a grocery shop where a lot of Filipinos buy chocolates at a relatively cheaper price to send them to their families in the Philippines.

Whenever someone says that a Filipino worker is going back home, the first thing came in my mind is chocolates because they are cheap and can be cheaper when bought in bulk. Balikbayans brings the bags of happiness to the Philippines to their families and loved ones.

NOTE: you must check the expiry dates on the discounted items especially on chocolates because this is a big reason for discounts. So, you should consume before it expires.

Discounted Chocolates in Baqer Mohebi Supermarket

Many people think of it as a chocolate shop but indeed, it’s a supermarket. The thing which makes it special is that it has a special counter near to the desk which is dedicated to the different chocolate brands and contains only chocolates at a discounted price.

You might get some good deals if you visit the store on a lucky day. It also depends upon the expiration dates of the chocolates. In any case, you should purchase according to your plan to visit your home and then make a purchase. Many chocolates didn’t expire after an expiry date but it’s not wise to make a purchase of these.

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1 Dirham per item selection

There is also a special section which contains near to expire things and cost only 1 dirham to make a purchase. You can purchase Chips, cookies, toothpaste, soaps, hats, candies and many other items. You should check this area always to get lucky sometimes.

It’s a regular supermarket and shopping here is open 24/7.  You can purchase daily items from this store.

TIP: Avoid going to the market on the weekend as the rest of Dubai is here to shop. You might wait a little bit or too much in a queue. We wish you a happy shopping.

How to get there

Here are some indications which will let you know how to reach there.

  1. Take Exit 2 while getting out of Al Fahidi Metro station.
  2. Walk straight until you see a crossing between Al Khaleej and Choithrams supermarket. This is between Rolla street.
  3. Walk almost 5 minutes until you see a masjid.
  4. Across the masjid, there is Al Baqer Mohebi supermarket. Take note here that it is open 24/7.

Nearest Metro station: Al Fahidi Metro station- Green Line.



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