UAE Labor Law and Guide About “Absconding” 

UAE Labor Law and Guide About “Absconding” 

UAE stands on the list of popular countries as a business hub in the World, and big investors come from different parts of the World to establish their business in UAE. Due to industrial states, UAE creates many opportunities for labour, and 90% of immigrants of UAE come to seek jobs.

Many immigrants violate the policies and don’t fulfil the legal criteria; the administration of UAE put their name in the list of absconding. But, it would be best if you didn’t take stress because the UAE amnesty program is successfully opened, and they designed a one-window system for the people who want amnesty in Dubai. Besides the individuals who have outstayed their visas, labourers who have fled may likewise apply for amnesty.

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In this article, we will explore the meaning of absconding dependent on the UAE Labor Law. We will likewise examine the method for reporting absconding labourers, the punishments in question, and under which conditions are absconding report considered unacceptable by the Labor Department.

About Absconding in UAE:

The UAE labour law said that a labourer is said to have “absconded” if he/she doesn’t report for work for over seven days (7 days) without a legitimate explanation. All in all, we can say that these workers will be considered as absent without leave.

Here is the Method to Report an Absconding Worker:

If you are running a UAE business and have employed many workers in your company, your worker suddenly disappears with reporting you. You need to report to the UAE labour law department.

  • First of all, you have to fill out the absconding report submit it to the nearby Labor Department. 
  • Attach confirmation showing that your organization doesn’t owe any fines or has paid every single past fine. 
  • Give a bank guarantee (worth AED 3,000) for each worker reported for absconding. 

Remember: If you have anything that can lead to the worker whom you reported as absconded, then go to the Labor Inspection Administration of the Labor Department with the goal that he/she might be captured and the subtleties of the case are set up.

Refunding a Bank Guarantee 

The Ministry of Labor is responsible for refunding the bank assurance to a business if: 

  • It is proven that the absconded labourer has left the UAE. 
  • If submission of absconding report exceeds the duration of three years or expiration date of the work card (whichever happens first).

In What Conditions an Absconding Report is “Unacceptable 

The Labor Department would not acknowledge an absconding report in the accompanying cases: 

  • Force majeure 
  • If the worker is on leave. 
  • The worker has filed a complaint or has a forthcoming case in the court or the Ministry of Labor. 
  • The worker cannot come on duty because of a real explanation (in situations where absents are under seven back to back days from the lapse date of legitimate nonattendance or leave). 
  • If the absconded report was given because of vexatious reasons (for example, recorded to keep away from commitments towards a labourer who has not fled and keeps working). 
  • The absconding report was given for invented reasons (for example, report to dodge payment after the worker’s agreement has finished without following appropriate exchange of sponsorship). 

Here is the Method to Withdrawal of Absconding Report upon Worker’s Request 

The Ministry of Labor may pull out an absconding report upon the labourer’s application if: 

  • If the absconding report was proven vexatious.
  • It is demonstrated that the report was imaginary. 
  • The fundamental conditions are absent for a legitimate absconding report.
  • For this situation, no charges will be brought against the employer. The labourer will have his/her work card dropped, even though he/she can get a work license from another business. 


For absconding cases, the accompanying penalties apply: 
  1. If the absconding report were proven vexatious or imaginary, the business would need to pay a fine of AED 10,000. 
  2. If a worker is found working for another business and his/her past one didn’t submit a report for over three months: 
  • The worker’s permit will be dropped. 
  • The labourer will be restricted from working in the country for one year. 
  • The labourer would need to pay for the sponsorship undoing charges and travel costs of the worker. 
  • The labourer would need to pay AED 10,000 alongside any extraordinary fines. 
  • The labourer’s organization/foundation would be changed to classification (c), which depends on harsher punishments if they disrupt work law guidelines. 

If the fleeing report is discovered to be phoney: 

  • The labourer will be prohibited for all time from working in the UAE. 
  • The business would need to pay AED 10,000 alongside any outstanding fines. 
  • The business’ organization/foundation would be shut. 
  • In addition, if an absconding report is dropped or removed (regardless of whether upon the application of a labourer or worker), the employer’s bank assurance would not be refunded.

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