9 Best Business in Dubai 2021

Dubai, Best For house

Dubai is one of best city in world for business. Let me tell you how?

Dubai is included in top 5 cities for existing and new business in world as of 2020.  Other cities included in list are New York, Paris, London, Milan and Tokyo.

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People from three different regions visit Dubai for work and tourism.  Nearly 3.25 billion people ingress to Dubai from these regions. More than 45% of Dubai population consist of foreigners and tourers. These factors make Dubai one of best business city.

1) Safety and Security:

Business always prosperous where safety of business, workers, investor and access to customer will be given first priority. Dubai provides world’s best security and safety to everyone. Dubai is almost free of crime. Crime ratio is almost negligible than other states of UAE. Forceful crime seldomly happen in Dubai. Due to this business owner, its employees and other relevant people will feel safe here for business and themselves.

2) Commercial Hub:

Dubai is considered as commercial hub of Middle east. Dubai comes in top 15 for Global business in a study done by experts. This city is considered to be productive in zonal merchandising and business capital. This is because of several factors. 1) tax relaxation to new business 2) state of art transport system 3) constant growth 4)Labor Market 5) Fluctuation free Economic System.

3) Infrastructure:

Basic infrastructure of city or country is considered with priority before starting of business in that city or country. Dubai have state of art infrastructure compared to other countries or cities. It has best infrastructure than some of developed countries. It linked the Europe to middle east.

World’s most flourished markets and big markets like china, India and Africa are approached through Dubai. This make it to have unlimited opportunity for starting of business and reaching out to all type of masses.


4) Transport:

When we talk about transport and logistics Dubai is favoriteplace for tourist, citizens and business owners. If your business is transport dependent than you will not feel any tension because of that. It is one of most trusted, affordable, convenient and comfortable system in world.Weather it is air, sea or land Dubai will never let you face any trouble.


Dubai air transportation system is most reliable and economically affordable. It has world latest systems and technologies in it.  Cargo Village biggest cargo hub is also located in Dubai’s airport. Dubai World Central is international airport located in Dubai congregate 6 different regions. Dubai has attracted large number of real state builders, consultants and constructors.

2) Sea:

Largest port of middle east jebel Ali is inDubai. In term of market targeting Dubai will facilitate you to reach markets because its ports are linked to six continent including largest market like China, India and Africa. Its port will give you access of 2.5 billion people because of its location.

3) Land:

UAE overall is considered 2nd in road networks. Dubai have wide and beautiful network of roads. Other than roads its high technology monitoring, surveillance, rule of law and abiding the traffic rule is strictly followed. Railway system is fully automated and up to date. These systems are also improving and expanding day by day.

With these transportation and logistics services businessmen are more confidently are attracting towards investing in free zones. These facilities are alike for citizens and tourist

5) Plenty of Free Zones:

Dubai have ample free zone. In free zone government allows investors to keep complete possession of that place without having any legal or illegal issues. Government of Dubai also provides investors tax exemption and minimum taxes to start their new business without having any trouble.

Some reasons for investors to invest and start business in Dubai’s free zone are given below.

1 Tax Relief:

Owner of businessstarted in free zone can avail tax relief offers given by government. They are considered to be exempt from extra tax and can keep all of their profits.

2 Lease Option and Ownership:

If you are native of Dubai or not, Government is allowing you to keep 100% ownership of your business in free zone without any external interference. This is as per law of Dubai that foreigners can also have 100% ownership of property in Dubai. In case of lease you can keep ownership for 25 years having multiple necessary facilities for you.

3 BusinessSecrecy:

As the name implies you and your business privacy will be kept confidential. This will never be disclosed on others persons

4) Banking facilitation:

You will be completely facilitated for dealing with banks, opening account and doing transactions.

5) Multiple Business:

You are not restricted to only one activity or business. You are to free to do several activitiesallowed by government in free zone. Some of the activities are given below.

  • Aeronautics
  • Media
  • Education
  • Information & Logistics
  • Information & communication Technology
  • Financial

Dubai have twenties of free zones. Some of them are

  1. Dubai Tecnho Park
  2. Dubai Academic City
  3. Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA)
  4. Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park
  5. Dubai car and Automotive city free Zone
  6. Dubai Design Distric
  7. Dubai Gold and Diamond park
  8. Dubai health care city
  9. Dubai international city
  10. Dubai knowledge Village
  11. Dubai industrial city
  12. Dubai world trade center
  13. Dubai Studio City
  14. Dubai south Free Zone
  15. Dubai Creative Culture authority
  16. Dubai Multi Commodities Center
  17. Dubai Maritime City
  18. Dubai outsource zone
  19. Dubai Silicon oasis
  20. Jebel Ali Free Zone

6) Minimum Taxes:

Dubai was tax free zone in past year. But these days Government have imposed taxes on new startups and existing business because of new rule. But these taxes are not too much as it will lead your business in loss or put you in bankrupt. Taxes in Dubai are minimal. You can earn more than your expectation after paying taxes to government even if you are in start of business.

7)  Manpower Availability:

People from all over the world come in Dubai for work. If you want to start a business which required a number of manpower like construction work than this is ideal place for you. Dubai have penalty of people from different regions and countries finding a job here. These oversees people with amazing skills are best people for your business

8) Healthcare System:

Dubai have best healthcare system in world. Dubai provides all the latest medical facilities for your treatment with affordable prices. As people think if it’s good than it will be surely costly but unlike this phrase Dubai is very easily affordable to everyone in term of price. We never compromise on healthcare system. Dubai provide mostly free medical services to expats, tourist and citizens because of insurance they have. People feels medically and socially safe here in Dubai.

9) Standard of Life:

Standard of life in Dubai is very good. It is one of dream city of people around the world because of its lifestyle. From security to medical facilities Dubai have all the things to attract investors to start business here. It is also best place to keep your family here in Dubai if have family business. Government of Dubai takes serious action against fraudulent people and organization. That’s why People are not get scammed here.

You will feel safe in term of investment, safety, security and healthcare system.

Successfully Grown Startups:

Dubai have a large number of successfully grown startups. In my opinion most famous is Careem. Careem Is car providing on rent service started in UAE and then exported to whole world. This was acquired by Uber which is also giant company. Careem provides multiple services other than transportation. That why it was more successful in this region.

That is one of several successful startups. These startups started in UAE but gain popularity in whole world and become bigger. That’s why you should also start your business here to get grew.

Final Words:

Dubai provides world best facilities in all aspects. It is also good for you to get grew internationally and earn large profit by availing opportunities, relaxation, reliefs and reaching large targets. Dubai is most secure place to start business.If you and your business will grow, so will Dubai.




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