7 ways to earn money online in UAE

7 ways to earn money online in UAE

Basic purpose of earning is to meet the needs of livelihood. People worker harder to make money. In this critical situation of pandemic, physical presence of a person at a certain workplace is difficult to handle. You can’t go outside, restricted to your home. So, how can you earn money if you don’t go to work.

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There is a way of making money, surely it is online work. Anyone in the UAE if looking for the online work but he can’t understand to get it, then this article will help him completely. Some of the people know about the online working, but there are also some complexities for them. So this article will help both the lay man and also the experienced one.

UAE has established a law under which the online work is done. Either it is E-commerce or it is freelancing. If you want to do any of the online business you should have to get a license. This license will provide the security to both the parties theservice provider and the person who is getting the services. This license is issued by Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

Freelancing is also under this legislation and you should have to get “UAE Freelance permit” to work as a freelancer. This service is now also available in Abu Dhabi and Ras AL khaimah. These licenses are also categorized as per the services like education, technology, business, media etc. The freelancer is obliged to work in his section. Now, without wasting any time we will go to the methods to earn money online in UAE.

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the best possible way to earn money online. In this type of online work it is on your credit to charge for the services or skills you provided to the customers, by setting your own price.

The platforms available for the online work are quite a lot which have different categories as per the work type like it offers to work in Web development, mobile applications development, graphic designing, editors, writers, virtual assistants, marketing experts, legal advisors and many other fields. These jobs are target oriented and project base. You have to complete them inn given timeline to be a competent on the platform.

The platforms available for the freelancing are following

  • Freelancer

This platform originates from the Australia, and it is a crowdsourcing website. This will allows both of the users the employers and the freelancers. The employers posts job their on which the freelancers bid to get the charge of the work.

  • Upwork

It is another leading website for the freelancing work, users on the Upwork are attached over the globe to perform or post the work.

  • Toptal

It generally deals with freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers all over the world. The experts in the field provide services to the valuable customers.

  • Guru

it stands at top of the list among all the freelancing websites, anybody can find a freelancer and hire him for job as per his request

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s biggest commercial center for freelancing. Fiverr empowers you to peruse the choice of consultants offering services, and to put orders in only a single tick

  • Nabbesh

It is mainly target the areas of Middle East and North Africa to connect freelancers to the users as a market where they can hire you for the job accomplishment. It deals with Arts, finance, business, education and some other expertise.

If you are a freelancer then it is your top priority to check these websites for money, that either they pay you for your work or you just got in a scam or fraud. For this purposego to usertesting.com and test their credibility their that either they will pay you or not.

If you have expertise in story writing or just say writing, then you should try publishing E-books on websites like Amazon kindle, Lulu, Blurb, Tradebitetc

  1. Online Teching/Tutoring/Translating

If you have a good command over the English language and you also have the teaching expertise then you can cash your self by giving the online tuitions. This is somehow well consider as a job because people living in the UAE are interested in passing the English test like IELTS and OET to go abroad, more likely for study purpose.

And also if you are good at more than one language that are spoken widely then you can work as a translator. The demanding languages in UAE are Arabic and English. If you have good command over these two then try to be the translator to make some money online.

  1. Selling

Selling your products online is a easiest way to make money by getting the profit over the original price. if  you can make some arts, paintings, crafts, or some other creative product that attract the purchaser towards it, then you can make a   lot money. You can also sale other products of different companies over your margin. There are some websites like www.littlemajilis.com which offer the creative work in particular.it provides the reduction of start up costs to the sellers because they did not have to make a physical shop for its marketing. The sellers don’t need their own selling license, they are under the web’s terms and conditions.

The above mentioned web was about the crafts or arts. But if you want to deal in second hand furniture or Electronics items then the best suitable platform isDubbizle app. You can trade on this app by keeping the social

distance in this pandemic situation.

Old books can also be sold out   UAE as many of the schools deals with it.

You can also sell the clothes on Depopor Instagramonline. People are suffering financially in this situation ,so that’s the right time to get the old things sold out on lower rates, both of the parties will survive under this situation to meet the needs.

  1. Pay to click websites and online Surveys

Pay to click (PTC) is in trend for making money online without any investment. Just you need to watch or click an add to get the money, it is far different from those  conventional ways of making money like typing, data entering or creative designing jobs. But while you attach to any of  this work then kindly beware of scams. Because many of the websites are fake. i am going  to tell about some useful sites for this job


NEOBUX: it is in working since 2009. This PTC website allows user to make money up to 200 dollars easily be just clicking on the ads. Sometimes it also give the user the prize money over the original income. It is one of the trusted website.

CLIXSENSE: it was in the news when it become the highest paying web last in 2007. They have the similar working principal as to click the ads to get the money. It also gives the  prize money to its users,10 dollars. You can also go through surveys option of this website to get the money.

Filling the surveys is a good way to make money, the websites that are also working in similar fashion for survey  works are Triba, TgmPanel and Swagbucks.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is all about writing, if you have the skills then cash them by blogging on the webs online. The topic of the article can be anything on which you can write even on your own daily live routine or discussing some movie trailer.

One thing you should keep in your mind while blogging is that keep patience. As it may require some time to make familiar among the blog readers. Once you become famous you will earn by both ends. Time should be given to it and do not depress if you cant get instant money or fame. You can also blog for some company to promote their products.

  1. Marketing

Marketing is an other way  to make money online, it is one of the successful way of making money. If you are already familiar with the freelancing or blogging then this is not the difficult task for you to handle. Try affiliate marketing to earn the money.

Email marketing also lies in the same category. Many  of the NGO’s and private firms are looking for the people to interact with. For this purpose they are always looking for the Email marketer to increase the heist for their products.

  1. Travel agent Jobs

If you have an experience of travelling a lot on your hand then it will be worth saying that you can get back the all which you have spent on the traveling by be a travel agent. This job criteria requires you to tackle the visitors to guide about the places they wanted to visteit.

Guide them about the routes, hotels, visiting places, transport which make their journey beautiful and remarkable. Guide them in a way that it will be easier for them to travel and make memories. You can also write a short Ebook if it is demanded for the places you have a idea to be visit.

It is a money making for most of the seasons, but nowadays due to pandemic situation this business has less worth as the travelling is limited or restricted by most of the countries.

If you have a proper guideline then making money is not so difficult. You can earn by using your skills, expertise, hobbies and knowledge in an easy way. The chances are available, just the thing that lags is to make the right decision or picking up the right direction. After that everything will be under your control. Making money will be a fun for you and you will enjoy it.


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