Data Sales of 50 Million Facebook Account on Telegram

50 Million Facebook Account

Data Sales of 500 Million Facebook Account on Telegram

SAN FRANCISCO: The messaging app used to send data to more than 50 million Facebook Account has been sold. According to international media reports, the data of more than 50 Million Account who have created telegram accounts has been sold to other companies for Rs 600,000 INR. According to a report by technology monitoring website Motherboard, Facebook Account’ data and their numbers have been sold to various companies through Telegram Bot.


A report by cybersecurity Alon Gall states that the data was sold for just Rs 600,000 INR. The company has also shared details of some of the numbers sold on the internet.

The report states that hackers gained access to the data of users who had created a Facebook and Telegram account with the same number.

This data is not for users in a particular country, but for people using the app around the world, under which their Facebook account information is also provided to the purchasing company. The organization also released a list of names of countries.

The hackers used a telegram bot (unknown number) to sell the data and gained access to the database created on Facebook, first stored it and then sold it.

The report states that this is not the first time this has happened to social media users, but even in 2019, hackers stole the secure data of more than 41 million users from Facebook and later sold it. Also confirmed that the security flaw has been fixed and now the user data is completely secure.


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