48 Hours Free Transit visa for Dubai

48 HoursFree Transit visa for Dubai

There is good news for travelers all around the world who are willing to visit Dubai. Dubai has announced a free transit visa for 48 hours. It happens as UAE finalized in the cabinet meeting last week about the change in visa rules. This change is made to attract the people so that economy of the UAE can boost. As much the people visit, more the funds be collected, and ultimately the economy will grow.

If anybody wants to go through Dubai and have 48 hours spare, he must avail of free transit visas. It allows you to stay In a different part of the country for free.

From where can I get the transit visa.

You can get this transit visa for free for the 48 hours from express centers at the airports in UAE. And if you want to extend the period for 4 to 5 days, then you have to pay a minimum fee of AED 50.

This is not available for everyone, but some requirements must be fulfilled if you want to avail of this transit visa. The terms and conditions for the eligibility of the transit visa are given here 

Terms and conditions fir transit visa

  • You can only avail of the transit visa if you have a flight forward and also have hotel reservations. You can say that it is available for the stopover passengers. 
  • Transit visa is valid only for 48 hours
  • It can be extended to 4 days if there are some uncertainties for the passengers stopping here. 
  • It is available at all the express center of airports
  • The period of stay in UAE depends upon the MOU’s between the countries and their bilateral relationships. If you are from the country that allows visa-free stay, you can stay for the 90 days, and if there are restrictions for you, you can avail of the visa for 30 days upon arrival in UAE

I will update the latest information about the visa policy for the transit or work visa or maybe long term visa as per visitor requirements. Stay tuned to the page to get the info briefly. 

Note: please contact the authentic representative for more information as the policy is new, and there implanted dates are not correctly cleared. So before going to UAE, it’s better to have the proper information. 

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